GPS alpha

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Welcome to GPS alpha

Dear Players of GPS,

Today, after just getting back from holiday, I found that my host had made a mistake and Deleted my server. They have apologised for the error however it can not be reversed. For this reason I must regrettably inform you that the server that has been open for Two Years has been completely cleared along with Hundreds of Backups. Luckily The following were saved:

-- Worlds --
finland 1/7/14
New London 1/1/14

I am still going through a number of files reaching back as far as 2012 to see if I can regather some old Files.

Even though this has happened, I have decided to continue GPS.*
We will need a new staff team and I will look to Alex to assist me in creating New mini games.

* I will keep you updated on any changes over the summer, I will email the New IP as soon as we think it is ready.*

This unfortunate Situation has prompted me to move GPS out of Alpha and into Beta & hopefully by the end of this year into GPS 1.0

Some of the staff team were aware that I was going to lead a team along side Bertie & Finlay to Clean up Rigaud (finland). Instead I have decided to be more thorough and will individually review & select buildings to be put into to New Rigaud.

GPS BETA - The New server will consist of...

New & Improved Skygrid-Factions
MC Nations (RolePlay-Factions)

MC Nations will be the same as it is now but more controlled & we will be taking away player access to anything:
a) Explosive i.e. TNT
b) Fire Related i.e. Fire Charge
c) Damaging i.e. Lava

Lava Will be aloud but the amount that can be bought from the in game shop will set to 1 per Day to stop griefing.

-- Creative --

Lots of Questions were raised about both staff & Donators in respect to being creative a lot. In response to this, Donators from the 1st August will not get access to the game mode command. With the exception of people who have already donated. Also, Staff will not be given the game mode command with the exception of builders. To make up for this, I will look into re adding Plots with world edit & Donator Perks will be added there.

-- EULA --

GPS will have not decided on any changes to the Donating system that we are ready to make public so please don't worry. We do have a plan but we will not make it public until the 1st of August.

-- Staff --

​Right. So as I have already said, I am looking to create a new staff team. I really urge players, all players, to submit an application for something.
Building Applications will be assessed by Bertie and I,
Moderator Applications will be assessed by Alex & Charles,​
The staff that will stay are as follows;
Alex - Head Admin
Charles - Admin / Head Admin of MC Nations
Bertie - Head Builder (Admin)
Freddie - Admin
These people have been selected as senior Staff as they are original members of GPS. Please NOTE: You cannot apply for admin roles. We will pick as many Moderators as we need and then possibly make one an Admin then one will be selected as Head Moderator, 1 - 2 Months after joining the staff team. Until we select a Head Moderator Freddie will be acting Head Mod as well as being Admin.

Phew. That was a long one :)
Thank you for reading if you have any questions just post them on our forums site @

I will keep you updated on any changes over the summer, I will email the New IP as soon as we think it is ready.

Please, if you think you would make a good Mod or Builder, post an application on forums. I will try to get back to you ASAP.

I will try and answer your questions on forums and then to clarify, next week I will send out a Follow up to this email With some more detailed answers.

Oh, sorry one last thing. I apologise if I have missed anyone off this email, If you can think of anyone else just forward it to them.

Many Thanks
George Jenkinson,